Monday, July 11, 2011

Of Koleq, Vaji and The Beloved Pak Cik and Mak Cik

When I intend to open this blog, I've took a peak on how long has it been since the last post. And it was 8 months ago. Well it was then that I have nothing to say. But now I do.

The previous weekend was filled with jelly of joyfulness as me and my brothers was once again back in the sweet scent of the Royal Town of Perak, Kuala Kangsar. How sweet it was you asked? The sweetest ever as you was once taste the saltiness of your tears. Tears of separation and end.

We were back for 3 days. Me, Daud and Pok Jaq departed from Tanjung Malim as Daud had to borrow a car from his sister. We were on the road on Friday night and arrived in Kuala Kangsar at around 1 in the midnight. Everyone never fell asleep as we keep on chatting through the night. Catching up our stories as we haven't seen each other for some time.

As we arrived, Ayie invited us to join him in a practice at Koleq's basketball court. Thus we went in as legendary old boys. We felt that way because the security had to ask who we were. "Old boys" he was told.

We had sessions with this year's form 5's. They seem enjoyed with our stories as they never got the chance to know us when they were in form 1. Our session was also accompanied by Sudin, Luque, Awe, Salor and the legendary Cerap. Janeq, Jojet, Toyeq also joined in later that night.

As the other convoys arrived that night, everyone gathered at Atan. Atan was one of the contributers that was almost important as anyone else in the school. He was the food supplier. Illegal food supplier actually. After everyone was there, we drove to Pak Cik and Mak Cik's house. Our foster parent.

Sleeping that night was tough as everyone was excited to see each other. Having some conversations before dossing off. And surely we had to wake up early the next day to keep up with the schedule.

We went to Ulu Kenas the next morning to have a taste in the soothing and calming river of Perak. Some meant to fish, but time wasn't that friendly. We had to get back to have lunch. Living with Pak Cik and Mak Cik means you have to eat a lot. They will serve you like you are the kings. And when they served the foods, not eating would be rude.

After lunch, some of us went out but some of us stayed in. Everyone was waiting the time to reach 5 as we all wanted to watch the traditional rugby match between us Collegian and the Siamese Vajiravudh College. And actually, to hear the Sweden roar again.

The match was tremendous and when the moment came, Roarswiss was heard again. We joined in with the 0711's and loudly, we sang the hell out of it. If I was so sensitive, I would burst into tears then. Such memories.

The night turned like any other Saturday nights in our Koleq period. It was free night. Everyone was so tired where some of us went early to bed. But some of us went out to have the final eye catching night in Kuala Kangsar.

The final day come to arrive as we had a friendly football match against the 0711. Some of us took boots from Pavilion to borrow. Some was meant to be borrowed. And it was a tough challenge to fight the 17 year boys. But somehow we managed to get 4 goals.

The day ended as everyone went back to Pak Cik's house to sober up and had lunch. After lunch, everyone packed their bags and was ready to depart for home. But before that, we had some photo sessions to keep the memories. Pak Cik and Mak Cik had given the best hospitality that any one never had. Everyone shook hands, hugged each other and went back home.

As we reached the final junction, Kuala Kangsar was left with our hearts and mind. The Legends of MCKK '07. These soldiers will be back someday. Back with another story to be carved in the air of the Royal Town. Back with another spirit to gain.

Thank you all.