Monday, August 30, 2010

Safest Journey, 53 Long Years. Really?


Not so independence in the way I looked. In the way I hear. In the way I think about what others think. Still caught up in a war. War between them same races. In a prejudice. All the time. You say me, I say you. Narrow. Narrow thoughts.

What independence in that? No unity. It's better to be not independent, where you can see the existence of unity. Well, in my view really.

Whatever it is, it's the present we must treasure. We can't look back. Happy independence day. But really, meaningless.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Best Ideas Doesn't Need Long Thoughts, In My Experience Really

I've done something quite stupid and reckless. But I am sure that it was among the best things that I ever had. I've gone to Melaka and got back Putrajaya and went back there again. The second time that I went there was the thing that I did recklessly. I've accepted Paul Arden's challenge! Well, accidentally of course.

On Saturday, 8th August 2010 to be precise, I've skipped work and went to the bloggers event called Maskara Shorties. It was then when Nik Afiq's name appeared on my cell phone and told me that he was at Kuala Lumpur at that time. He was settling something about life and his future.. So, I did invited him to come along to the Maskara Shorties if he had the chance and he decided on to maybe. I've used Haikal to force him to come. Unfortunately, he came but it was the time when me and Haikal and his girlfriend were heading to the parking lot. We were about to go home.

Well, since he arrived survivingly to the Rumah Pena (or bangunan MAA to be precise) we had to meet him by chance. It was that time I came up to a daring and brave idea. I wanted to follow him went back to Melaka since the next day was his Battle of The Band contest. I wanted to see their progress and to see they battling on the contest too. Well, I have passion in music. It's my personality.

My point is, I didn't think too much. I've wanted a challenge. Going back to Melaka isn't the best idea to do at that time - if we asked for someone's opinion. But for me, it was the best. I have only thought to help my fellow mates to do their best on the contest though I haven't much in my music knowledge. And also I wasn't that important really. My senses told me to do at least come to Melaka and attend to see their performance. The result was, they came in 2nd. Big relief! And I was very happy and deep in my cold cornered heart, I was touched.

It was true when Paul said in his book that best ideas are ideas that you put to work. I've put a daring yet brave idea to work and it was a huge success. Moreover, the idea worth every energy, money, miles, sweat and even time. And even now, I kept thinking about the idea I've came through. Great moments doesn't fade easily. Even when you old and the story become dull. It was your great memory.