Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Classic Love Letter


I was halfway through the actual thing that I'm doing. Related to the topic.

But somehow, someone told me something that made me realized.

It was not worth at all.

I am always was, a naive.

That's a secret.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Of Sparks, Explosions and Big Bang Theory

Love isn't something that you work for.

It's an automatic phenomenon that happens in one life.

Love makes you fly. Or feeling like a child. Or wanted to kill someone.

Love gives us explosions. Erosion. Big bangs make sense.

Love makes you can't even understand a simple Malay word.

Or talk a word.

Love makes you go wild. So wild that you did a crime.

Love is something that makes you feel so beautiful. So comfortable.

Love is sacrifice. Willingness to do anything.

Love makes you taste different. Sweet chocolates tasted like butter.

Love realizing you that you have an ego. Or jealousy.

Or even realizing you that you're a guy.

I've felt this kinda things before.

I'm still feeling it now.