Saturday, November 6, 2010

English Ivy

There in the corner
I saw you sitting
Next to an English Ivy
I noticed there a book
You were reading
Matthew Reilly's
Revealing your interest
Revealing your personality
That kind of person you are

It was a hell of a day
When work more than men
When men is just men
And a boss scolding a man
Where I am a man
And work is never good
As good as sitting here
In a bar
Having a drink with other men
Where in that bar
I saw you sitting
Next to an English Ivy

It was a sensual seduction
Where man and woman
Attracted to each other
A normal psychological phenomenon
Where cupid got loose
From his cradle
Flying in the air
Filling up the air
A man gotta do what a man does
To that English Ivy

Pushed my way through the crowd
Fumbling and stumbling
In the dark
But a bright end
Your the end
You shined your shiniest
Making a path
For my way through the mosh
As I near to the English Ivy
Where you were sitting
Next to the English Ivy

And I've said
"Hi" "May I buy you a drink?"

And I've sat next to you
Next to the English Ivy