Monday, November 21, 2011

Congratulations Harimau Malaya (SEA Games 2011)

It's the feeling of getting a dos of tranquilizer hitting at your butt and you are at ease. Or it's the feeling when you see your little nephew running and jumping off the bed landing on a roll of carpet. But he doesn't feel hurt at all. You laughed. Or it's the feeling of seeing your mom working hard just to raise you and trying hard to make you feel like living in a luxurious life.

Or it was just the feeling of all of it.

I am a patriot. And today, I am not at ease since the beginning of the day as I was worried about Malaysia's final duel with our traditional rival; the Indonesians.

Well, it is over now. And I no longer worry about my country. Instead, feeling so proud with their performance and attitude in keeping our country's name glorious. We won the chase for the gold tonight. It was very, well, I'll say it again, GLORIOUS.

I've told my friend that I cried when we won the AFF Suzuki Cup last time. Shamelessly at Ali's corner, today I did it again. Well, it wasn't a cry. My eyes was just leaking. The leaking tears of joy.

Then, I've shout very loud, twice, KEEP THE SPIRIT ALIVE! And that is just what we, Malaysian footballers need. The spirit of standing beside your colors.

As our legendary SuperMokh once said,

If you are shame to stand by your colors, you should seek another flag...

Well, don't be ashamed of our flag. We've done it well now. We are better footballers now. We are mature fighters now.

Just keep the spirit alive will ya? :)

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  1. i am not so get into this kind of stuff but GO MALAYSIAAA!!!