Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For Reasons Unknown

I felt like something changed within me. I felt like I need something new, something raw and fresh and something with high calcium. I needed a new writing space. I needed this.

Puisi gua, lirik gua, blog gua is the Malay version of my journal. This is the English version. For reasons unknown, I needed to improve my english better than before. Yeah, my english level is 3. So I put out this page especially just to convince myself that it is never too late to learn. Never the less, to practice. So I can be a better person someday. Better mostly in english actually.

A lot of things going through my mind lately. There's many thoughts that I would like to share. These thoughts even preventing me in doing my work properly. It also turns off my mood. I even got into misunderstandings between me and my colleagues. This disturbance gotta stop. That's why my thought came up till here. For reasons unknown, again, this page exists.

I'm not writing for names. I'm not writing for others. I'm not writing coz my mom told me too. I even am not writing for trying to be somebody important. I'm writing coz I felt like to. I'm now writing coz this mind needed to be emptied. It's full with thoughts.

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