Friday, July 16, 2010

Past, Present and Future. Overfloor Must Stand For Another Century.

Past memories are still haunting me. With my shadows and footsteps that still remains in those cracking walls and old halls. One will never forget how they lived through those days. Though it's just prints, but still, I left a piece of my heart there. Back there when I was growing to be a man.

I've just read a post from one of my beloved foster brother, Muhammad Alif, about our days in school. The post was about the difference of the present boys and us old boys. Luckily, we were not so old yet. But in the scenery, we can tell. How much the hated Mr. R had made changes that some of the students and most of the old boys can't even follow or respect. Though we were not too long with the before of the changes, but still, we had our moments back then with some of the tradition being injected in our bloods. Still good though.

The present boys are merely towards their educations but no fun at all. Some even didn't know what R.E.S.P.E.C.T really means. The word is not just especially for their present seniors, it even goes to the teachers, cleaners, guards and us too, the old boys. But still, some didn't even care for the respect towards their present seniors though. When we were all in the mighty youngs and careless, we were taught, harshly, to be self-respect towards own and others. Taught on how to be independent. Taught on how to keep secrets where only us could know. Taught on how to be a man. Educations were still important, but fun was there and good enough though we had to keep the word respects in our mind. It wasn't that hard actually. Staring would be a foul. Keep your eyes down and never look at those seniors.

In my opinion, present boys didn't actually learn anything from the school. Yeah, they did learn on Algebra and Velocities. But, is that what life is truly about? What about fun and adventure? What about life? What about sad and happiness? What about brotherhood and unite? Living under one old roof for 5 years. Is it worth if the heads be filled by only numbers and words. Other schools did that. But not in this special 100 year old one. Special things must be treated with special ways. Like kings and prince. They are special aren't they.

This special school leaves symphonic traditions as references where future boys could lead their own ways in being success in life. But the changes that not just changed the traditions, but dissolving it into the air and disappears from time to time. What is left? Nothing and no more stories to tell to themselves and their children and their children's children. Just a plain old stories filled with boredom and emptiness. Traditions were made to be followed, not to change it. Like wearing a Baju Melayu with songkok and samping. It's a Malay's tradition. One can not change the ways on how to wear it. It would be a disgrace to our ancestors.

With a new wave that was coming, I was really hoping that a century year old traditions could still remain in the air of Kuala Kangsar. Malay College students are not just students, we were once King of Schools and School of Kings. In my case, where me and my batch were LEGENDS. Future boys must live the traditions back to life as we would never want the Overfloor to tremble down. We will support you.


  1. you are right though.....those days keeps on haunting me..well maybe "haunting" is not the appropriate word to be ushered,but everywhere I walk,anytime I move, those days keeps on bugging my head..its like some sort of unknown motivation for me,that drives me in everything I do right now after Koleq's life has ended...

    those days were the one's that made me the man I am right now. not to say I'm already an accomplished guy though. But coz all of that sufferings we went through, I learn to respect,I learn to be grateful in everything....

  2. i follow.. blog baru gua jack. sapot2.